Contemporary and culinary arts in one place

Sud ouest, Friday, June 14th 2019. Sébastien Girardel

Christian Pallatier, art historian, and his wife Sylvie have just opened a unique concept store in France : the BAG (bakeryartgallery). In the “Hôtel de la Perle”, rue Saint-François, the couple has created a contemporary art space and a bakery.

“We fell in love with the place on our first visit, it is one of the little architectural jewels of Bordeaux. Just look at this terrace. Any rich American would be damned to live in a place like this,” slides Christian Pallatier.

The contemporary art market requires a large address book (renowned artist, collectors, enlightened amateurs). Christian Pallatier is a master in this field: he trains lecturers for museums and organizes monthly trips dedicated to contemporary art. “Not long ago we were at the Havana Biennale, one of the most famous artistic events in the world,” says the art historian.

He used his network in the artistic world to hit hard from the inaugural opening of the concept store on Wednesday evening. Christian Pallatier called on Laurent Perbos, a rising figure in contemporary art. This 48-year-old artist, who graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Bordeaux, transforms the usual everyday objects into artworks. This casual-looking Marseille-based man exhibits his famous squared balloons witch are questioning and even worring…

“Everyone projects what they want into it, you can see the shape of a capsule, a symbol somewhere of doping… But more deeply by transforming everyday objects, we can rethink our reality,” explains the artist.

Portrait of women’s football

On the lower floor, the photographer Cyril Jouison offers 13 portraits of amateur and professional female footballers “I have been working in the football world for seventeen years. I fell in love with women’s football. It inspires strength and serenity”.

These two exhibitions are available for free until September 14. As for the bakery and pastry shop, it will open its doors this fall. Sylvie Pallatier, who has worked at the Ducasse pastry shop, will offer her rice flour products (naturally gluten-free).