Laurent Perbos, Ballon² / Cyril Jouison, Yes Women

Exhibitions from June 12th to November 22th 2019


Laurent Perbos approaches the overriding place given in Western societies to performance and records, to fun and game. A “civilization of feat”, particularly well illustrated in the field of sport, both physically and technologically. Ballon² is a hybrid, a symptom of a time when it seems necessary to reinvent the rules, until the game itself! Double leather football ball handcrafted full grain leather, this multiple made in 500 numbered copies and signed by the artist inaugurates the publishing house BAG__multiple.

Yes Women

Watch the place of women in society, you will understand its degree of advancement . When football becomes an action, it claims the emerging place of women within it. An advanced position. Guardians of fundamental rights and the desires for equality. Of equity. When football is a game, it allows to express so many “I” in the feminine. An ideal sphere. During the women’s world cup in France, I propose 13 portraits – full shot – of players. Professionals. Internationals. Amateurs. Referees. Educationalists.