Opening part 1

“Sharing our passions in an experimental place is the driving force behind BAG__bakeryartgallery: create in the same space an organic bakery and pastry shop naturally gluten-free, a tasting room regularly hosting talks and meetings, a gourmet bookshop linked to a friendly terrace-café and an exhibition space functioning as both a project space and a curatorial platform, an art library, a multiple publishing house with a space dedicated to the invitation of French and foreign publishers and a shop. 500 m2 dedicated to the creation and exchange of flavours and knowledge”. Sylvie and Christian Pallatier – the neo-baker & the art historian. The association Connaissance de l’art contemporain (member of ASTRE, the visual and plastic arts network in New Aquitaine) hosts the contemporary art space BAG__Bakeryartgallery.

The use of the slogan “YES TO ALL” is part of the feminine reappropriations, both playful and provocative by the artist Sylvie Fleury, godmother of BAG___bakeryartgallery ( She is the precursor of a pop and assumed feminism, where the external signs of femininity are transformed into weapons of empowerment.

Exhibition June 12th – November 22th 2019

Cyril Jouison

Yes Women

Laurent Perbos


Sylvie Fleury, We don’t need balls to play, 2019

Message from Sylvie Fleury, godmother of BAG___bakeryartgallery